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Show Opening

Beekind: the Art, Myth and Magic of Bees Opening May 23rd 2024
5 - 7:30pm Crystalworks Gallery
1760 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K4

Show Statement


When the Lipsett family invited me to exhibit my bees in the gallery, I was filled with excitement. Despite the uncertainties, such as the logistics of transporting my work across the country, the potential for growth and discovery outweighed any doubts.

Karen suggested incorporating crystals into my work.

I immediately envisioned Aragonite as something that a bee would be attracted to. As I explored the crystals, a piece of Romanian Quartz with Calcite on the edges reminded me of pollen and I knew bees would be drawn to it. 


It’s always wonderful to look at crystals, but considering how a bee might interact with them was new and exhilarating. This exploration of my two favorite subjects has led me to explore many new possibilities. 

Drawing crystalline forms has allowed me to contemplate the way light enters the inside of each facet and how it alters the colour and form.  

My love of crystals has grown to include new ways of seeing and the translucency of everything light touches.


I am grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey with the Crystalworks family.

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