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I learn what I draw; it sounds strange, but I begin to understand and see the beauty of my subject as I’m drawing. While working on this show, many ideas surfaced, and I was happy to explore and learn more about myself and try to capture the essence of these incredible creatures.


When choosing the materials, I tried to find what I hoped would best bring forth the essence of these incredible creatures. I create my drawings using a mix of ink, acrylics, pastel, and charcoal. The texture of the paper’s surface allows depth of colour. The charcoal is made from willow sticks. Each stick is unique in its weight and thickness, with nodules where branches were attached. Through my creative process, I seek to intimately understand and appreciate the profound beauty dwelling in the world around us. 

Artist Bio

My artistic journey has been shaped by formal education and a passion for teaching. After attending an arts high school and completing the Crafts & Design program at Sheridan College, I delved into the world of fine art and sculpture at the University of Windsor. I have embarked on a continuous journey of self-discovery within the realms of the natural world and visual arts. It's a unique journey where drawing brings my awareness to the incredible nature on this planet.


Thanks so much!


Natali Baird

Natali Baird                                                 Education and Training


Bachelor of Fine Art – Sculpture, Windsor University, Windsor, ON

Craft and Design Diploma – Glass Design, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON

Visual Arts Program – Advertising and Design, George Vanier School, Toronto, ON

Artist-Educator Training – Royal Conservatory of Music, Newmarket, ON


Employment History 



    Glass Artist | Guelph, ON

  • Designer and manufacturer of blown glass objects and jewelry

  • Distribution of art pieces and products in over 30 stores nationwide 

  • Flame-working workshops and demonstrations across Canada                                                                                                                                    

Art Instructor


    Workshops | Various Communities 

  • Ontario Arts Council Grant 2016

  • Bradford Public Library , taught/created art classes for 8+ age 2003-2009

  • School Boards ( SCDSB, UGDSB, TDSB) Created and art classes 2002-2015 



Salt Water, solo show, Kloepfer Gallery, Guelph


Bees, Our Pollinators, solo show, 10C, Guelph

Guelph Studio Tour, Guelph


Guelph Studio Tour, Guelph


Easter Outdoor Installation, Guelph

Protecting Us, painting, University of Guelph


Creative Spark Winter Market Handcrafted Show & Sale

Guelph Pride Art Show, 10C, Guelph

Stitch n Kitsch Show, Waterloo


The Tarot Lovers, Wellington County Museum

Guelph Pride Art Show, 10C, Guelph

Creative Spark Handcrafted Show, Guelph


Art on the Street Exhibition, Guelph

ACE (Art Craft Excellence)  show, Guelph

Art in the Yard, Elora, Volunteer’s Award

Guelph Pride art show, 10C, Guelph

Creative Spark  Handcrafted Show, Guelph


Glass Fashion Show, GAS conference, Corning, NY

Death Perceptions, Wellington County Museum

Toronto Bead Society  Show - Best of show

Creative Spark Handcrafted Show, Guelph

Art on the Street Exhibition, Guelph

Stitch n Kitsch Spring Show, Waterloo

ACE (Art Craft Excellence) show, Guelph 

Fair November, Guelph

Art in the Yard, Elora (Volunteer Award)



Fair November, Guelph - Best in Show

Remembering In Flanders Fields, collaborative piece with Barbra Bryce, Guelph Museum

Art in the Yard, Elora

Art on the Street Exhibition, Guelph

Creative Spark Handcrafted Show, Guelph

Toronto Bead Society  Show 


Elora Tarot deck, Wellington County Museum 

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